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Generic ESG shortlink

Temporary or used in newsletters or SMS with a 4-6 redirection alias which saves a lot of characters. Subscriptions start with 2000 links included.

Meaningful ESG shortlink

Dedicated short names. Useful for brochures, flyers or ESG and CSR reports. Subscriptions are available for each specific word.

“The unique approach to support sustainable development of e.sg is what made us switch from the other known URL shortener solutions.”

Jessica Waltz. Head of Governance


Made with an sustainable approach

e.sg was created by INXSOFT LTD. A Taiwan based Software company which helps businesses to optimize their resources, thus saving costs and energy.

Part of our earnings with e.sg get invested in sustainable companies. We are releasing our report to users every quarter. Our investment focus is fully aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and MSCI ESG ratings. Helping us to select the companies that are suitable for sustainable investments.

Technical Advantages

Permanent or Temporary?

Unlike other URL Shortener solutions we allow you to select between permanent (301) and temporary (302) redirections. Making it possible for you to change the target link in the future.

Statistics Included

We don't want you to pay extra for statistics regarding your links. We want you to see that your links are working.

QR Codes included

For every URL you generate we provide you with a QR code that can be used for print or to show it from your mobile phone in SVG (vector) and PNG, JPG image formats.


Generate and manage your list of links via our API

See E.SG in action

A short link to the top ESG rated companies:
Long Link: https://www.sustainalytics.com/corporate-solutions/esg-solutions/top-rated-companies
Shortened: https://e.sg/NzQN3j

A short link to the ESG reports of Allianz (Allianz is a German multinational financial services company).
Long Link: https://www.allianz.com/en/sustainability/sustainability-report-and-other-publications.html
Shortened: https://e.sg/IRBA1J

A short link to ESG Investing articles at the Financial Times
Long Link: https://www.ft.com/esg-investing
Shortened: https://e.sg/fSpFlb


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